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Dat Blog

2017-02-24 by Yoshua Wuyts

Dat Desktop is here

Today we’re announcing the release of Dat Desktop, a peer to peer data sharing app built for humans. …

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2017-01-09 by Joe Hand

Preview the New Dat CLI

Over the last few months we have been optimizing and improving the Dat command line tool as well as underlying dependencies, such as Hyperdrive, to prepare for publishing datasets on our Dat registry. We’ve released a preview of this new command line tool you can install it now! …

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2016-12-18 by Max Ogden

Reader Privacy On The P2P Web

Vendor Lock-In

The Peer-to-peer Web is a way of thinking about distributing web content over the internet that doesn’t rely on a central point of failure. Failure sometimes means the service disappears (like the Dropbox Public folder this week). Another type of failure is failure to scale due to a bottleneck. A good example of this is data infrastructure like Amazon S3 and Google Drive. By storing all your data in one place they create a bandwidth bottleneck that they then make you pay for. For a primer on the P2P web principles I recommend the post What is the P2P Web? To quote that article, "Once integrated into a browser, these principles enable users to publish independently of services, and move between applications freely". …

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2016-11-11 by Joe Hand

Reflections from International Data Week 2016

International Data Week in September 2016 brought together three events, SciDataCon, the International Data Forum, and the Research Data Alliance 8th plenary. Joe Hand from the Dat team attended the conference. …

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2016-11-11 by Max Ogden

An Introduction To Persistent Identifiers

This week in Reykjavik, Iceland I attended PIDapalooza, the first community conference dedicated to the topic of persisent identifiers (PIDs) for the scholarly web. As a relative newcomer to this community I wanted to share my experience diving in head first into this subject. …

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2016-05-16 by Karissa McKelvey

Key Elements of Distributing Data

The data distribution toolkit has become a mixed bag of tools that require different skill sets and are applied for different purposes. Git, for example, is a tool that works effectively for governing data (if you learn how to use it), but it quickly becomes unwieldy for larger datasets. BitTorrent is a great solution for distributing large datasets across many machines, but torrent files are static, and can become a hassle to use with changing data. BitTorrent Sync, DropBox, and Google Drive attempt to solve this problem, but they are proprietary software that fall short when it comes to governing data amongst teams or for the public eye. Data portals like Socrata, CKAN, or are custom built employ HTTP/FTP plus a good metadata file (and a hearty group of helping hands) and continue to be the most used method for publishing open data. …

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2016-02-05 by Karissa McKelvey

Dat 1.0 is ready

We’ve been working hard on a new implementation of the dat command-line tool. You can try it out now (and remember to let us know if things break): …

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2016-02-01 by Karissa McKelvey


We’re happy to announce that we’ve received a $420,000 grant from the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation for a new project that we’re calling “PublicBits.” Our goal is to collect the world’s open data sources, to make their historical data available through a dataset registry at This “dataset of datasets” will become accessible through a free, decentralized, redundant, open network, inspired by BitTorrent. will use Dat, our flagship project, to craft a new, collaborative framework that breaks down the silos of data portals. Our project takes inspiration from GitHub, the popular platform that allows developers to collaboratively develop software. We plan to bring the collaborative, historical, and reusable nature of open source to the open data movement. …

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2016-01-19 by Max Ogden

A Brief History of Dat

We have some exciting news to share about Dat: We’re working on a 1.0 release! It’s not out just yet, but you can try what we have so far by checking out the master branch on GitHub or with npm install dat@next -g …

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2015-07-29 by Karissa McKelvey

Dat goes beta!

2015-04-03 by Waldo Jacquith

Sloan Redoubles Dat Funding

We’re thrilled to announce that the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation has provided a $640,000 grant to support the development of Dat. Created by Max Ogden, and housed at U.S. Open Data, Dat makes it easy to create automated, reproducible data pipelines that sync. Sloan’s support will allow Dat to bring to scientific data the same automated, distributed workflows that Git brings to source code sharing. They’re funding three full-time positions for the next two years. …

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2014-08-19 by Max Ogden

Announcing the Dat Alpha

The first code went into dat one year ago, on August 17th 2013. Today, after a year of work, we are really excited to release the first major version of dat along with a new website. …

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2014-04-02 by Waldo Jacquith

Sloan funding Dat development

We’ve got two happy pieces of news at the U.S. Open Data Institute. …

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