Data sharing for research and beyond

Dat syncs datasets across the Web and is optimized for speed, simplicity and ensuring data is securely stored.
Try Dat
Dat works on the web, from the Dat.js client library, with the Dat Desktop application, from the Beaker Web Browser, or from the command line:
Install Dat:
npm install -g dat
Share a directory by typing:
dat path/to/directory
And that’s it! Anyone you share the link with can now access the data.
Instant Sync
Dat syncs and streams data directly between your devices, putting you in control of where your data goes.
Efficient Storage
Data is deduplicated between versions, reducing bandwidth costs and improving speed.
Data Preservation
Dat is built on Secure Registers, a method for ensuring data can be trusted, archived and preserved.
Recent Talks
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Designing Dat 1.0 for ROpenSci Community Call

Dec 2015

Dat Demo at the Decentralized Web Summit

June 2016
Sponsors and Supporters
Dat is developed by the non-for-profit group Code for Science & Society and supported by generous sponsors.