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Dat is a nonprofit-backed data sharing protocol for applications of the future.

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Dat Base

Dat for Researchers

  • Open Data: archive, catalogue, and share data pipelines.
  • Public Archives: archiving public data at risk of being lost.

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Dat Protocol

Build Custom Dat Apps

  • Live Syncing: easy file transfers, distributed databases, p2p streams.
  • Futuristic: interoperable and peer-to-peer by default.

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Decentralized Web

Peer-to-peer websites

  • Beaker Browser: browse, create, and host websites over Dat.
  • Direct Sharing: share files with a unique URL.

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Sponsors and Supporters

Dat is developed by the non-profit group Code for Science & Society and supported by generous sponsors.

We need your support!

You help make Dat Project a success. Donations help sustain Dat Project & allow us to spend more time with our community.

Why use Dat Protocol?

Distributed Sync

Faster Speeds

Efficient Storage

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Imagining a better future

Human Technology

User-First Applications

Public Infrastructure

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