Powerful data sharing
from your desktop.

Dat is the distributed data sharing tool. Use the desktop app, command line tool, and javascript library.

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From the Terminal

Dat is the package manager for data. Share files with version control, back up data to servers, browse remote files on demand, and automate long-term data preservation. Secure, distributed, fast.

Install Dat CLI

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Shared with Dat

Explore public data shared with Dat.

California Civic Data

California Campaign Finance Data

An open-source archive serving up daily downloads from CAL-ACCESS, California’s database tracking money in state politics.

Logo EOP

Executive Office of The President

Archive of open.whitehouse.gov

Backup of the open data released by President Barack Obama before being deleted in February, 2017.

Densho Digital Repository

Densho Names Registry

Names and other information about the individuals held in the ten WRA camps during the WWII incarceration.

Built With Care

Dat is built within a vibrant open source module-based ecosystem. Read the paper.

Distributed Sync

Dat syncs and streams data directly between devices, putting you in control of where your data goes.

Efficient Storage

Data is deduplicated between versions, reducing bandwidth costs and improving speed.

Data Preservation

Dat uses Secure Registers with state of the art cryptography to ensure data is trusted, archived, and preserved.

Read the Full Documentation

Sponsors and Supporters

Dat is developed by the not-for-profit group Code for Science & Society and supported by generous sponsors.

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